About Us

Over the years, Collegiate’s acquisition and integration of several buildings surrounding a common courtyard have provided the physical space for growth and expansion. Renovations and improvements throughout the complex support the goals of the school’s comprehensive, liberal arts curriculum. The schoolhouse on West 77th Street is, together with the adjoining West End Collegiate Church, an historic landmark in the City of New York. Platten Hall, located on West 78th Street, was completed in 1967 and was expanded to eleven stories in 1990. In 1977, Collegiate purchased the West End Plaza Hotel at West End Avenue and 78th Street and began to link it with other Collegiate facilities. Construction in 1997 utilized valuable space between West End Plaza and Platten Hall, significantly enlarging the campus. From the Platten Hall entrance on West 78th Street, a reception area leads to all Collegiate facilities.

Platten Hall houses facilities used by all grade levels. Lower and Middle School students spend most of their school day in Platten Hall and West End Plaza. The kindergarten occupies the third floor of West End Plaza and enjoys two large, sunny classrooms adjoining a block/project room. Lower and Middle School classrooms are located on the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors of the attached buildings. In addition to a 267-seat theater/auditorium, administrative and support offices, and two dining rooms, Platten Hall includes two gymnasiums, a fitness center, a “black box” theater, a music studio, several practice rooms, an extensive library, and Upper School laboratories for physics, chemistry, and biology. 

The schoolhouse on West 77th Street was built in 1892 and provides space for the Upper School. In addition to classrooms for Upper School, the building includes a student center, departmental offices for faculty, and a ground-floor gymnasium with access to the courtyard and Platten Hall.

In 2013, the School announced that it would be moving to a new location. Collegiate’s future home will be at 301 Freedom Place South. It will consist of a nine-story building, with almost 180,000 square feet of classroom, athletics, theater, music, art, library, dining, and administrative space. For more about Collegiate’s new home, please visit the project website.
NEW YORK, NY 10024