About Us
I hope that you will find our website helpful in introducing you to Collegiate.

The center of what we do, daily, is the classroom. From Kindergarten to 12th grade, the curiosity, energy, and passion of our boys radiates throughout the school. We expect our students to take their academic responsibilities seriously but to possess sufficient humility so that they can laugh and not take themselves too seriously. We expect those very same classrooms to be defined by respectfulness and civility. In fact, we aim to be a community that strives for its students to seek academic and personal excellence. Those goals are of great importance to the faculty: they are fundamental.

With approximately 650 boys in thirteen grades, our size encourages strong, supportive, resilient, and trusting friendships among the boys and between the boys and their teachers. The School’s culture of kindness, respect, and generosity helps foster an ethos rooted in partnership and collaboration.

Our location on the Upper West Side of Manhattan means that we can extend our classroom to include the full range of New York City’s rich offerings. We recognize, too, that we must play an active part in contributing to New York City by helping to meet the needs of our fellow citizens, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

I hope that your time on our website will help you discover the abundant opportunities and unique culture of Collegiate. I hope that this represents your first step, of many, in coming to know and understand Collegiate School.
Lee M. Levison
NEW YORK, NY 10024