Upper School
Collegiate is proud of the success of its students.  This success includes outstanding academic achievement and impressive college acceptance.  The school is most proud of the qualities of integrity, curiosity, originality, diligence, humor, and enthusiasm that the boys bring to the  Upper School and that the school endeavors to nourish through the years of learning and growing.  Power of intellect is important at Collegiate, but equally so are liveliness of person and generosity of  spirit.  Success consists not only in training young minds, but also in fostering all the personal qualities that make admirable young people grow into capable and caring adults.

Collegiate's Upper School has a curriculum which mandates a number of courses in the ninth and tenth grades and allows freedom of choice by the senior year, provided all departmental requirements have been met.  The graduation requirements of the school are structured to allow boys to explore their interests in depth without sacrificing the values of a well-rounded liberal education.  For example, all students take a grammar proficiency examination in English.  Those who do not qualify take courses in grammar skills, along with selected literature electives to sharpen their reading and writing skills.

Collegiate students are given a large measure of responsibility for determining their academic programs and their involvement in activities.  Learning to make wise choices and accepting responsibility for one's actions are important educational objectives.  A faculty advisor  helps each student plan for every term, and parents participate in the process through communication with advisors.  Students with the same advisor meet regularly in small groups to offer mutual support and to discuss a wide variety of topics.  Implicit in Collegiate School's philosophy is the notion that a boy may learn as much about himself from experiences such as directing a  play, competing in athletics, or serving the community in various ways, as he learns in the classroom.
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