Special Programs
Throughout the year, parents, alumni, and friends of the school who are leaders in their fields and are dedicated to service, the arts, science, mathematics, and other disciplines visit Collegiate to share their perspectives and engage the boys and their families. Over the past several years Collegiate has benefited from visits by many distinguished individuals, including Meredith Bergmann, sculptor; Dr. Michael Massimino, NASA astronaut; Paul Chahidi, actor; Peter Turnley, photographer; Helen Vendler, the A. Kingsley Porter University Professor at Harvard and a leading poetry critic; Alison Bechdel,cartoonist and memoir author; Gordon S. Wood, historian; Thelma Golden, Director and Chief Curator of the Studio Museum of Harlem; James Lapine, Broadway writer and director; Shamus Khan, sociologist; and George Stephanopoulos, Good Morning America host and former adviser in the Bill Clinton administration.

Included on the school calendar are the following programs:
• The Henry Adams Lecture Series
• The William H. McLean Visiting Scholar Program in Mathematics and Science
• The Deborah Kraus Pagano Lectures for Lower and Middle Schools
• The Robby Steel Collegiate Memorial Writing Workshop
• Heather Reid Schaffzin Visiting Artist Program
• The Robert Coles Fellowship in Service
• Alumni Film Festival
The generosity of Collegiate alumni, parents, faculty, and staff has allowed the school to endow many of these lecture series, workshops, and the following special funds:
• The Wilson Parkhill Fellowship Fund (faculty recognition)
• The Gwen Herzig Academic Enrichment Fund (students and faculty)
• The Van Horne Foundation for Excellence in Teaching (faculty development)
• The Jacob A. Dresden Fund for Faculty Development
Together, these enriching lectures, workshops and funds have given Collegiate faculty, staff, students, and their families the opportunity not only to hear from speakers and special guests, but also to travel abroad, publish books, patent ideas, engage in advanced studies, and design programs and course offerings to enhance the school’s curriculum.
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