Affording Collegiate

Financial aid includes tuition support as well as consideration for various Collegiate
programs that enrich the experience of the student and encourage the participation of his
family in the life of the school. The determination of financial aid awards is based on the
financial need of each family and the availability of funds. Collegiate School attempts to
support the difference between the cost of educating a student and an individual family's
ability to pay tuition. Each award is a result of analysis by Collegiate School and the
School and Student Services By NAIS (SSS). Families participating in the financial aid
program are billed according to a ten-month payment plan administered by Collegiate School.

In order to be considered for financial aid, parents must complete the detailed Parents'
Financial Statement (PFS) each year. Parents are required to submit information to the
School and Student Services By NAIS (SSS) and Collegiate School and should provide a copy
of the report to Collegiate School, no later than January 15 of the school year prior
to the one for which aid is requested. Forms may be obtained from SSS online
( A copy of a family's most recently filed federal tax return and
supplementary documents are required and should be submitted to Collegiate School no
later than January 15.

Financial aid, based on need, is available at all grade levels. Collegiate School does not
discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin, sexual orientation,
disability, or other legally protected class in the administration of its financial aid program.
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