Middle School
The Middle School program is designed for boys from the ages of ten to fourteen. After they have mastered the introductory skills of the primary years, the boys are ready for greater academic challenges and more independence. A devoted Middle School faculty expertly guides the boys toward success both in and out of the classroom. Middle School work is departmentalized to provide specialized instruction in each subject-area to ensure academic rigor and continuity.

The Middle School years are a time when boys begin to define their interests and strengths. We encourage the students to take part in a wide variety of activities such as Student Government,Model U.N., Science Olympiad and the online literary magazine, Jabberwock. Middle School students participate in group community service projects and boys commonly come up with theirown ideas about ways to serve one another and the wider community.

In addition to our program offerings, the Middle School enjoys the benefits of being a close Collegiate community. Relationships between faculty and students are seen as an essential component in the education of Middle School boys. Our advisory system places each boy in the care of an individual teacher for the duration of the academic year.

Written reports about each student are prepared by teachers for each subject and mailed home after each trimester. In addition, Middle School students receive trimester letter-grades beginning in sixth grade. Parents are invited to schedule a parent-teacher conference at the end of the first trimester of each year. Teachers welcome parents’ comments at any time and conferences are easily arranged.
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