Special Programs
Collegiate students benefit from going to school in New York City. It is customary for faculty to make use of the city as an extension of the classroom. Trips to local parks, tours of neighborhood architecture, and visits to the Metropolitan Opera, City Hall, the United Nations, the Bronx Zoo, Liberty Science Center, the Green Market in Union Square, and Orchard Beach, among many other New York landmarks, are typical excursions in a Collegiate student’s experience.

Students in all divisions look forward to annual class trips to a variety of destinations. Upper School students are also provided with a community service volunteer opportunity.

In addition, some Upper School students choose to participate in off-campus programs such as The Mountain School, The Island School, and the Maine Coast Semester. Exchange programs to Argentina, China, England, France, Italy, and Spain for all or part of a school year have also been offered to Upper School students.

Funds are available to students in the financial aid program to facilitate their participation.

Special Days

During the year, Collegiate boys to participate in a variety of special days organized for a single division or as a school-wide activity. Examples include the following:
• Grandparents and Special Friends Day (Lower School)
• Senior Project Presentation Day (Upper School)
• Field Day (Lower and Middle Schools)
• Moving-Up Day (Lower and Middle Schools)
• Invention Convention (Lower School)
• Senior Holiday Breakfast, Headmaster’s Senior Luncheon (Upper School)
• Exchange Day (Middle School coordinated with a girls’ school)
• Book Festival (Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools)
• Paperback Book Fair (Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools)
• Upper School Community Service Day (combined with a girls’ school)
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