Lower School
Learning in the primary years sets patterns for future academic growth, both in fundamental skills and in the areas of curiosity and motivation. Lower School boys are encouraged to develop their knowledge and skills in all aspects of growth: physical, social, emotional, and intellectual. A dynamic curriculum, coupled with a commitment to meet the needs of each child, makes Lower School an inspiring place for learning. Kindergarten boys, who come to Collegiate from a variety of programs and experiences, actively participate in an environment that values critical thinking, cooperation, and confidence. While learning to become productive members of the group, the boys are also encouraged to think independently. Throughout Lower School, emphasis is placed on achievement, but the approach is not rigid. The materials used and techniques employed vary from class to class. The pace of instruction is challenging yet comfortable.

Lower School classrooms are self-contained. A head teacher in each class directs the curriculum in language arts, mathematics, and social studies, supported by assistant teachers, learning specialists, a Lower School curriculum coordinator, and librarians. Special-subject teachers provide instruction in art, music, drama, physical education, science, and technology. Small-group instruction is a fundamental of Collegiate’s Lower School. The boys work in groups of ten or fewer for more than half of the school day, and within these groups, the work often is individualized.

Communication between parents and teachers is an important part of a young student’s education. The school sponsors a reception in October which provides an opportunity for parents to become acquainted with their sons’ teachers and with the curriculum for the year. Each family has a private conference with the homeroom teacher in November. Additional conferences are scheduled as needed throughout the year. Two written reports are sent home each year. Grades are not given in the Lower School.
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