Student Support

Counseling Services

At Collegiate, a boy's emotional well-being is as critical to his success as his academic preparation. A Lower and Middle School psychologist, a Middle School counselor, an Upper School counselor, and a school nurse are on staff to offer support to students in a variety of ways.

Advisory Program
Each Middle and Upper School student is assigned an advisor, who acts as the student's advocate. Students with the same advisor meet regularly in small advisory groups to offer mutual support and to discuss a wide variety of topics in an intimate setting.

Peer Leadership Program
Peer Leadership is a year-long commitment designed for students who have a desire to promote and sustain a healthy environment at Collegiate. Students become peer leaders only after successfully completing a Group Dynamics course in the Upper School, which helps them develop basic counseling techniques. As peer leaders, students are given the opportunity to co-facilitate issue-oriented groups in which their classmates participate.
Group Dynamics
Group Dynamics meets once a week and is a forum for exploring issues of adolescence. It is an opportunity for Upper School students to talk about, analyze, and confront the attitudes and behaviors of both themselves and their classmates. Focus is paid to skills that promote the development of leadership, working collaboratively, and communication. Students who complete a full year of Group Dynamics in eleventh grade are eligible to apply for the Peer Leadership Program as seniors.

Fisher-Landau Program
The Fisher-Landau Program offers additional educational support for students in all grades. A wide range of students benefit from the Fisher-Landau program; some have learning difficulties, others need more time and practice to develop underlying learning skills. The program focuses on the process rather than the content of learning.

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